Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q. I can't download the "Premium Animals".
  2. A.As the file size is large, make sure your network connection is good. It may take a few minutes to download according to your environment. If it takes too long, try to force the app to close and restart again.
  1. Q.What mobile type and OS version do you support?
  2. A.We support iPads/ iPhones after iOS 5.0
  1. Q.The app is crashing on my device. How do I resolve the issue?
  2. A.This may be caused when there are other apps running in the back end. Stop all other apps first and then restart "Gocco Zoo" again.
  1. Q.What should I do when the app doesn’t start?
  2. A.Try the following in order;
    1. 1.Make sure your device is running the latest software. If not, download the latest version of App Store.
    2. 2.First, stop all other apps running behind it, then restart "Gocco Zoo" again.
    3. 3.If you still can’t solve the problem, power down the device and then turn it back on.
    4. 4.Uninstall "Gocco Zoo" and reinstall it again from App Store.
  1. Q.I can’t use the premium animals/drawing tools I’ve purchased.
  2. A.You can recover it by following the below steps;
    1. 1.Uninstall app,
    2. 2.Reinstall app,
    3. 3.Tap app and activate it,
    4. 4.Tap an animal silhouette/the premium drawing tool icon,
    5. 5.Tap “Restore”,
    6. 6.Enter your Apple ID, password
  1. Q.How to activate snapshot saving?
  2. A.In iOS6, you need to give access to the Camera Roll to be able to use the camera and save snapshots. Open your device's Settings Panel and select Privacy and then Photos. Here, you can choose whether your Gocco Zoo should have access to your Camera Roll.
  1. Q.More questions?
  2. A.Please contact us through the “contact form” below.

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