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Dear Parents,

Welcome to Gocco Zoo! Gocco Zoo is a magical zoo that inspires kids to play with animals in a very unique way. Kids can take care of the animals, paint on them with our various tools and even invent their own new species! Take care of them and the animals will change into something fizzing with character and humor!

2 things inspired me to make this app. One is the Elephant Parade, that is an art exhibition of brightly decorated elephant statues, colored in all kinds of designs such as the sky, the flowers and even a national flag. Two is a story told by a friend of mine saying, "children tend to paint objects with the same type of color as it actually looks, not going too wild, say painting an elephant pink.” In this app, the animals turn into various colors/patterns according to what you feed them and this moment alone encourages kids to think out of the box.

We’re so excited to see your child’s imagination explode and grow, just with a little help of their very original creation with Gocco Zoo. We hope it brings out the kid in all of us adults, too!


How to Play

Select an animal that you want to play with and now you are the zookeeper, taking care for the animal. Select the food you want to feed it from the table at the bottom of the screen. You can swipe the table sideways to move to another section of the zoo or you can tap the tree at right or the rock at left of the screen.


You can feed it by dragging the food to the animal's mouth. Please note that the milk will reset all the color of the animal.


Tap the tool you want to use first, pick a color you want to use and then start painting from wherever you want to color (do not drag the tool). You can switch the pattern or the stamp by tapping the icon.

Share your animal:

Tap the spotlight to switch the color of the rock (background) and snap shot with the perfect pose! The image will be saved in your device's camera roll.

Whenever you tap the back button on the upper-left corner, you will go back to the section to select an animal. Please remember that the animal you created will turn back to normal.



In iOS6, you need to give access to the Camera Roll to be able to save snapshots. Open your device's Settings Panel and select Privacy and then Photos. Here, you can choose whether your Gocco Zoo should have access to your Camera Roll.

You will be asked "Gocco Zoo Would Like to Access to your Photos" when you first use the camera. Tap “OK” if you want to save them.


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